January 3, 2015

English Toffee Mocha

This being the fifth coffee recipe, I thought it should have a rather extravagant name.

Also, it's the flavor of the cocoa I used.

It's really good.

It's much better than normal cocoa which consists of cocoa powder/one cocoa packet and hot water (or, if you're like me, hot milk). It's much better.

Here are the steps.

  • 1 c 2% milk
  • 1 small spoonful Trader Joe's inst. coffee
  • 1 heaping spoonful English Toffee cocoa (Lisa's gourmet)
    (this is the cocoa I used for this recipe...you need it to make the recipe the right way)
  1. Heat milk up in microwave or 1 min
  2. Stir in coffee
  3. Stir in cocoa
  4. Serve and
Scriptina Regular
Here's how to make your own 2% milk:
You'll need:
3/4 c fat free/skim milk
1/4 c cream* ("heavy whipping cream" to be exact but you don't need to be)
Pour milk into a cup, pour cream in (make sure both ingredients are measured...see note below), stir, use it to make the cocoa recipe above. And enjoy!

*I use less than 1/4 cup...WAY less, because it seems like too much and I feel like I'm going down the fat road, so put as much in as you like, no skin off my nose, but I do suggest you use more like a tablespoon to three tablespoons of cream.

(If you want a more accurate recipe, like the one I use, as soon as the new page "Add-On Recipes" is posted, go there and it should be somewhere in there...if you can't find it, just do Ctrl+F and a bar at the bottom of your computer screen will pop up with a little bar at the left corner. Click on it and type in "2% milk" and it'll get you where the add-on is. Hope that helps!)

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  1. Anonymous27.1.16

    how bout calling it english toffee mocha?


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