November 20, 2015

Post Review | Cookie in a Mug

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This was really quite nice.

Actually, I'm just a bit embarrassed about this but when I read the recipe it said to put in the yolk and guess what I thought the yolk was.

Not what the yoke actually was, I can tell you that!

No, really, I used -- ok, yes, I did -- the egg white.

*slaps forehead* I felt maybe a little bit dumb when I asked my mom and realized I had...well...gotten it wrong. I always get those two mixed up.

Which is probably why the cookie didn't taste very cookie-like.

The "dough" tasted cookie-dough-like, though!

Also, Mom said you can just use a whole egg if it's single-serving size. Or maybe she just said you could use the whole egg period, I don't know.

I guess I wasn't really listening.

But that is very convenient.

Then you don't have to think up some way to use the egg yolk (no, not the egg white, I really do truly mean the egg yolk).

But I have to say that every time I made it, no matter what I did (cooked it shorter, put some water in, put in oil...ok, I didn't put in oil) it still came out as dry and not at all what cookies should taste like.

So be forewarned.

Also try this. You might like it better than I did.

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