April 21, 2016

Blog Hiatus

I'm going to take a few weeks off (this week and next week -- maybe longer, but I'll tell you when the time comes) for a break and a vacation. This week is going to be really busy getting ready for the vacation and next week will be the vacation. I might take a longer one because I'm getting a little tired of blogging and because I only have so many recipes I can post.

But I have a delicious recipe (obviously -- I'm not going to give you something gross) for pumpkin bread and another for... well, I'm calling it pasta soup (because there's pasta salad, so what about soup?) but my mom said it actually tastes pretty similar to Hamburger Helper and since I personally don't like Hamburger Helper, I'm not going to call it that and turn off potential eaters by giving it the wrong title. So.

I'll see you in two weeks! Until then,

(like, your break)

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