May 9, 2016


Hello, all!

I have recently started a blog called Remodify and have been working on that for a long time. While I was working on it, I started thinking and realized that three blogs was too much to handle all at once -- and still post frequently. Since Remodify will need pictures, I need to aim my focus on that blog. And since I don't have any more recipes to post, I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to stop posting on Salt Water Taffy. I will leave it open for the general public (but mostly for me) so they can have access to recipes (so that I can have access to recipes, nobody else reads this but me) and if I get new recipes I will definitely post them (if I find time, that is).

Right now I'm working on Remodify and Stars on the Sea.

Since I won't be posting on here anymore and someone may come along and read this in six years, I might as well tell you all about me. Mostly about this blog, but about me, too.

I am, yes, thirteen (do I write like it?), and no, I do not have any sense of humor whatsoever (have you noticed?), I only pretend to (have you noticed?). I've read a couple of my posts in the past and it sounds like I'm living on my own. That's not the case. If you've forgotten, I'm still thirteen. If I say I called my mom, it means my mom was out and I called her. On the phone. If you were wondering how I fit everything in after school and why Mom doesn't just shop while I'm in it (school), answer is I'm homeschooled so she stays home. Her job is to teach, so she doesn't have time to go to the store or get her nails done or gab about with friends and do fun stuff. She likes hanging out with me too much (oh boy).

On last thing -- the other reason I wanted to stop blogging (I didn't list another reason, but there is one) is because, next to Remodify, this blog looks grey, dingy, UNAPPETIZING (get it because it's a food blog lolololololol there's my fake humor again), and unprofessional. My sister Skye is a graphic designer and I've seen websites she's in favor of. I can tell you right now that Salt Water Taffy's never been on there.

I was joking.

Of course it's never been on there (how in the world would she find it and why would she look at it for more than 2 seconds), it's just a way of saying SWT looks ugly. It's just not very good-looking. Yeah, I could totally fix it up, but I don't really want to because I don't have any more recipes and now I'm just repeating myself and now I'm just repeating myself.

Well so long, Screwy.

~Mairi, age 13 (14 on June 6th)

P.S. I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation, though!

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