July 24, 2014

Creamy Caramel Coffee

There are going to be tons of coffee recipes coming, guys, so be prepared. Also, this is the first coffee recipe. ;) So. For the first recipe...

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Kid-Friendly RecipePrep Time: 2-3 mins
Total Time: 4-5 mins (depending on whether the coffee is instant)

You'll Need:
1. Utensils
  • a mug
  • a spoon
  • a microwave
2. Ingredients
  • instant coffee (I use Trader Joe's)
  • cream
  • brown sugar
  • white sugar (optional...so optional, in fact, that I rarely use it, meaning I only use it when I forget what I'm making)
  •  water (for the instant coffee)
  • Starbuck's hazelnut syrup (optional)
  • Whipped cream (optional)
3. Time
  • And don't forget your patience, especially if you mess up! ;)
And you also need directions, and luckily, they're right below. Who knew right?
  1. Pour the water onto the instant coffee (when the kettle whistles...you might not have a whistle-thing on your kettle, but news flash neither do I! It just sounds like the water is whistling even when you don't have the whistle thing and don't worry if you can't hear the water whistle, because once it's hot enough, water will start evaporating so you'll see steam)
  2. Put cream in if you want to
  3. Make Fast Caramel Sauce (recipe below)...here's where the microwave comes in handy. If you don't have a microwave, just set the thing down on a stove burner unless you don't have a stove and then I have no idea what you do...maybe just pour the stuff in the cup?
  4. Make it three times, each time emptying it into cup (one custard-cup full should be about three spoonfuls, once the brown sugar has melted and it's turned a golden color)
  5. If you want to use white sugar, put in a half spoonful or a whole spoonful right now
  6. Put a squirt of Starbuck's hazelnut syrup in coffee to give it a hazelnut taste. Taste the drink. If it doesn't taste hazelnut-y, put in more syrup until it does. Understand that the hazelnut syrup is NOT SUPPOSED TO SWEETEN YOUR COFFEE!!! (also the hazelnut stuff is optional, it's just to make the coffee taste hazelnut-y which I think I've already mentioned...sorry)
  7. If you want whipped cream, just be generous and put 4-6 Tbs of whipped cream in. It will melt a little and give the coffee this delicious taste but most of it will stick around so you can have some whipped cream after your coffee...an after-coffee treat! Or, just go ahead and squirt a little a lot into your mouth. That's what I do.
  8.  Then drink and
Scriptina Regular
FAST Caramel Sauce Recipe:
Kid-Friendly Recipe Prep Time: 1 min
Cook Heat-Up Time: 30 secs
Over-all Time: 1:30  (mins)
You'll Need:
custard cup
brown sugar
Put brown sugar in custard cup until it covers the bottom. Add about a tsp (teaspoon) or two (maybe three? At least, add enough to make about a two-inch wide "pool" of it...notice caramel sauce is definitely NOT a light recipe) of cream. Stir. Put in microwave 30 secs to 1:00 min...If you want it thick, 1:00 min is for you. Want it drink-like, 30 minutes is for you. If you put it in for 1:00 minute, it will harden on the sides quickly (it bubbles up and ALMOST overflows but rest assured I've made caramel sauce for one minute TWO TIMES and it hasn't once overflowed...same with the 30 second one) but if you do it for only 30 seconds, it won't harden.

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