July 28, 2014

Milky Joe's

Great for cold, rainy days. For hot, summer days, just put in ice cubes and don't put it in the microwave! I love drinking this on the couch, with either a good book or a good movie in front of me! But, whatever setting works for you!
This is coffee recipe #2, and you kinda need to use Trader Joe's instant coffee, because that's why it's called "milky JOE's"...also, it's called "MILKY joe's" because it's milky. ;)
How good is this recipe? (1-5 stars) ★★★
Kid-Friendly RecipePrep Time: 1 min?
Total Time: 3-5 min (or more)
You'll Need:
  • mug
  • spoon
  • microwave
  • ingredients
  • TJ's instant coffee (or Folgers instant, but TJ's is better)
  • milk
  • cream
  • sugar (optional)
  • caramel sauce (optional)
  1. Get the mug and pour milk until reaches an inch or so below rim
  2. Get cream,  put only a dash in (unless you want more)
  3. Put one spoonful of TJ's instant coffee (or Folgers instant)
  4. Put in microwave for 1-2 minutes
  5. Take out,
Scriptina Regular
Optional Ingredients to Help this Recipe be Tastier:
  • 2 spoonfuls sugar (white or brown...I used white, but that's because I find it tends to dissolve quicker than brown)
  • 1 spoonful Nesquik
  • 1 spoonful coco powder (sweet or unsweet...sweet if you want your drink at least a little bit sweeter, unsweet if you like it a little bitter)
These optional ingredients ARE NOT supposed to be all put into this drink. You're supposed to put in ONE or TWO of the optional ingredients, but not all three. Note that all three together have not been tested and may therefore be either good or bad. I don't know which it'll be. But, if you try all three together, feel free to comment below and tell me if the result was good or bad!


  1. taryn24.3.15

    I'm not all hot over this, but I'd probably give it a 3...and when you add sugar, it's better, but everything is better with sugar...just saying. So I'd give it a three because it's good with sugar, but I'd give it a 2 when it doesn't have sugar. :)

  2. bakingbarbie26.3.15

    I never drink coffee with any sugar, so I loved this recipe! All the recipes I looked for either didn't have sugar but were gross and the coffee was weak, or it had sugar in it and I didn't want any sugar in my coffee, because I don't like it--and I'm on a diet. But I wanted something cold and I was really in the mood for coffee and luckily I stumbled upon this blog and I tried the coffee--can I just say, for everyone who doesn't want coffee sweet, but they want it yummy, this is the recipe...I tried it and this is going to be the coffee I drink every day!!

  3. shaky baker26.3.15

    Mmm, I have to say--I don't like sweets, but I like this coffee!

  4. claire26.3.15

    I love sweets, and I love sweet coffee so I sweetened the coffee, but it just didn't do very well...is something wrong, or is it just that this recipe didn't do well for me?

    1. horsegurl26.3.15

      claire--i think its just that u didnt like the recipe thats all...i think it just depends on what the person likes...


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