July 29, 2014

Cold Coffee

This is coffee recipe No. #3. It's a recipe for cold coffee. Pretty good, right? You betcha!
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Kid-Friendly RecipePrep Time: 1 min?
Total Time: 4-5 min (or more)
You'll Need (ingredients):
  1. 2 t double strength coffee (dbl. str.)
  2. 3 T sugar
  3. 1 c milk
  4. 2 c ice (ground/smashed)
  5. 3 t caramel sauce
  6. 3/4 c water (for inst. coffee)
  1. 3/4 cup measure
  2. T (tbsp) measure
  3. One cup (c) measure
  4. t (tsp) measure
  5. mug (and ingredients)
  1. Put the dbl. str. coffee in blender (or mug if you don't have blender or don't want to use it). If instant (if possible, if dbl. str. coffee can be instant, I have no idea), put in water.
  2. Put sugar in
  3. Put milk in
  4. Put ice in blender, blend until smooth (unless you don't have blender and then pulverize the ice with either a meat pounder, or with something else if you don't have a meat pounder thing)
  5. Put caramel (or caramel sauce) in
  6. Blend until smooth (or stir until smooth, either one)
  7. Then, simplest thing of all . . .

Scriptina Regular
If you're having trouble knowing how to make your caramel sauce come out to 3 tsp (for example, if you're making it yourself, and don't have any already made...see add-on recipes page), take note that this is what to do:
3 tsp light brown sugar + 3 tsp cream = 3 tsp caramel sauce
How does this happen? How do you know? It's happened with me: the brown sugar dissolves and melts (in the microwave) and it becomes a smaller amount.
For further note: if you put something that dissolves in liquid and melts in heat and put it in some liquid, the mixture needs to be twice the amount as the recipe calls for, because the mixture will shrink in the microwave.
Hope this helps!

Please don't share this with other people (or for that matter, please don't share any of the recipes with them). Just trust that I have a really good reason for not wanting you to do it (because I do). Thanks a lot, guys!!!


  1. Colleen Birk26.3.15

    I used Folger's and I don't think it's double strength...is that bad?

    1. It should be fine, as long as it's coffee! Did you like it?

    2. Colleen Birk27.3.15

      Yeah! It was really good.

  2. katydid26.3.15

    Ohmigosh, I was looking for one of your recipes and accidentally clicked on this one and so I scrolled down to see if I could find a way to get back to the homepage and as I was scrolling down, a green button came in the right hand side and had an arrow pointing away from the recipe and so I stopped scrolling and it had a little loadong symbol and then it took me to the next recipe. Ingenious! I love your blog and the way you can get around more easily, even on a mobile device!!

  3. Anonymous26.3.15

    I didn't know how much coffee to pit in so I put in a tsp inst coffee...is that OK?

    1. kurlykinz26.3.15

      What I m wondering is how much water to put in. Should I just guess? I'm a little nervous abt just guessing...

    2. Sorry! I'll update this post soon...in the meantime, will this help?
      2 t inst. coffee
      2-3 c water

      I'm just guessing, too, so hopefully it won't be too wrong. If the water doesn't fit in your cup along with the ice and the milk, just add about 1 c. I honestly don't know--it's just how I make up recipes!


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