October 13, 2015

Easy Cinnamon Bread | Buttered Side Up

Today I went to Buttered Side Up. Like I do a lot.

What else is new?

But she had a new post (wow, yes, a new post! Who'da thunkit) and it was fairly recent (being posted yesterday). "Easy Cinnamon Bread". That was it.

Guess what caught my attention.

You guessed it. The word "easy" never fails to do that.

So, I read over it. Doesn't seem to hard. Sounds pretty simple, but then, so did the Cafe Mocha (previous post), and heaven knows that wasn't.

But I think that was just a bad luck day.

This may be different.

So, Buttered Side Up links back to a different blog, "The Best Remedy".

The Best Remedy links to allrecipes*spoon-here-just-so-you-get-the-mental-picture*.

allrecipes*spoon* doesn't link to anything.

sigh of relief.

So, here are the different links just so you can take your pick and choose whichever one you want to follow. Me, I'm going to follow Buttered Side Up because none of the others I follow fairly regularly. Also because Buttered Side Up is the more familiar of the three.

What? Different people have different opinions.

(also, The Best Recipe's directions were a little confusing)

Easy Cinnamon Bread (Buttered Side Up)
Cinnamon Bread (The Best Recipe)
Cinnamon Bread I (allrecipes*spoon*)

Also, all the links open up to new tabs, so you don't have to ctrl+click like I do a lot. Takes so long. Errr.

But, I'm not going to make it today. I'll make it when the sink vamps up it's cooperation, because right now who knows what it's doing.

Not working, I know that much.

So no cinnamon bread because no sink. There's a sink in the laundry room but that's a pain. You have to lean way over. Actually I don't know because I haven't been washing dishes lately (yay and also oopsie-doops). But I don't want to know, so I'm not going to make the bread just yet.

Maybe for a future breakfast.

Mmm, my stomach is saying yes.

As is everyone else who will get a slice of this.

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