February 9, 2016

Major Changes Around the Corner!

So, after a very long while of thinking it over, I've decided to stick with this blog.

I know, revelation has occured!

Here are the few things I've been thinking about and what helped me change my mind -- maybe if there's someone out there who's considering doing the same thing I was going to do, maybe they'll read this over and come to a satisfactory conclusion.
  1. The Post Title Font
    the post title font was very important to me because I wanted the font to be Amatic SC (which is the font I have on this blog), as I was planning on it going with the header, which was going to look like this:
    The Baker's Apprentice blog header, with the Amatic SC font
    And yes, ladies and gentlemen, that was going to be the blog title. "The Baker's Apprentice" was going to be what the blog was called. Me, I think looking back, I prefer Salt Water Taffy, partially because the blog doesn't have anything to do with salt water taffy. I kind of like the randomness of it all.

    So, you're probably still wondering what the post title font has to do with my changing my mind. Sorry, I'm in the habit of wandering.

    I was thinking about using the Awesome Inc., Picture Window, Watermark, Ethereal templates, depending on what I could or could not change. Apparently, one of the things that you couldn't change (outside of Blogger, of course -- FIY, I used the Google Fonts website to change my post title to something not available on the list of Blogger fonts... I also used this handy dandy tutorial that really helped... I mean, helped on the Simple template. Coming to that!) as I was saying, one of the things you couldn't change was the font. I tried every. single. template. I tried the tutorial on every single template that I listed above and none of them worked. On some, it changed the date font to Amatic SC, on others it changed the content of the post to Amatic SC (content meaning not the title but the words in the post -- words, like, these words would be the content of the post), but not a single template changed the post title to Amatic SC. It was so frustrating! So apparently, the tutorial that I used that helped so well with this blog's template (the Simple template) doesn't help with any other template. Warning to those of you who want to change the post title and aren't using the Simple template.

    So that helped me decide that either I had to use a different font for my post title (an un-cute font that I didn't want, that didn't match with the header!) or I had to use a different font for my header which meant that I would have to make the header all over again which is way too much work for a blog I probably won't be keeping for very long! It was very frustrating. 
  2. The Number of Posts
    this was also another deal-breaker because I didn't have many posts so if I wanted to link back to a post that I had make on this blog, I would have to link back to this blog and I couldn't say "remember that post I made on the cocoa I didn't like? today I made a better version blah blah blah" because people wouldn't have read this blog, they would be reading that blog and who would read two blogs just so that they would know what you were talking about if you happened to talk about a post you'd made on the other blog?

    I know, super confusing.

    But I'm not done yet.
  3. The Pages
    you know how I have a lot of pages on this blog? I have trimmed it, but I still have quite a few on there and thinking of aaaalll the pages I'd have to rewrite (this blog would still be public so if I copied it onto TBA -- The Baker's Apprentice -- then everyone who'd been a previous reader of SWT would know that I copied it and I could only keep my dignity if I told you straight up, I copied this and I didn't want to have to do that but I really didn't want to make a new About Me page! or any other page) and so thinking of all the pages I'd rewrite made my enthusiasm for TBA kind of ebb. 
  4. SWT's Background
    and I'm not saying the literal background, I'm saying the history of the blog.

    this blog has been around for 9 years, starting when Blogger was brand new to present. This blog has been around very long, and it was part of everyone's making blogs just to see what Blogger (and blogging) was like and that's really cool, don't you think?

    It's almost like a historical relic!

    Just kidding.

    But I have a really big soft spot for this blog, just the same.
  5. Etc.
    then think about the picture on the side of this blog that says "hello" and takes you to the About Me page. I'd have to get one like that, I'd have to get all the other gadgets and things I have on the sides, I'd have to get the "You Might Also Like" (see below for some news on that!), I'd have to change the posts to make them look like these, I'd have to change the backgrounds...

    There's so much I'd have to change, that all my enthusiasm totally went down the drain and now I'm just wondering what it was that eventually pulled the plug. Was it all the things I'd have to do? Probably. I'm like that. Minimal work and I'm way willing to dive in, but a lot of work and I'm like forget it.

    You can tell when you look at my room, the dishes, or after I just made something and the dishes are everywhere and the counter's super floury or super-something else, depending on what I just made.
So, those were only some of the deal-breakers, but I thought about those sorts of things and decided the tabs aren't that big of a deal, and the grey line around the blog isn't that big of a deal, either.

Conclusion: I'm back!

...and hopefully for good this time.

But about the "You Might Also Like" at the bottom of my posts. I know, you thought I was done.

Well, you were wrong.

I'm going to remove the "You Might Also Like"s. Why? Once you know, you'll agree that my decision was the smart way to go about it.

I saw a bad piece of *ahem* something that is called a blog and decided this might be what my blog comes across as?

Where none of the recipes are the author's own recipes, they're just something the author thinks look good/are good/might be fun to try/might be something someone else might want. And where the author takes the person's picture and slaps her own URL on top of it, which is basically a copyright infringement.

And that's what I've been doing.

Except most of the recipes from 2013 and on are my own, with the exception of a few. Only a few, but still.

So, I've decided to go back, take all the pictures off of the posts, and take away the "You Might Also Like"s because that's the only reason I was taking other people's pictures -- because the "You Might Also Like"s looked horrible with the black square where the picture was supposed to go. It looked horrible.

And I'm going to change the YRT again. I think I'm just going to take it off and not do it, but just go through my recipes every year, but not slap a name on it. Just because it gives me a little bit of freedom to do what I want.

It's going to take a lot of time to take away all the photos from the numerous recipes I've posted, but hopefully it will be pretty quick.

In the meantime, I'll keep posting!

Thanks for reading! Glad to be back. :)

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