March 26, 2015

YRT - Cold Coffee

Again, the link to the cold coffee recipe is in the title. Just click on it, and it should take you to the recipe. If it doesn't, comment below and tell me. I haven't rated this recipe yet, so that's why, if you came and stopped by to do the YRT with me today, you'll notice at the right side of this blog that it will have a "Today's YRT" thing and it says what the day's YRT is. It will also have the "rating" I gave the recipe. I know, it has a rating (I haven't even tested/tasted the recipe yet!), and before I've even "tried" it (I've tried all my recipes, but I don't remember what they taste like...all the more reason for me to have a YRT every year!) but I didn't want to take the rating away because it was too much trouble. And I want a smiley face that has a tongue sticking out right here, but I can't because it looks bad: :P    See? Anyway, that's today's YRT. Probably for the whole week, because I'm quite busy.
Scriptina Regular

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