March 7, 2015

Taco Salsa

I know, why a special salsa just for tacos and burritos? Because normal salsa isn't as good as taco salsa.Love eating this with my burrito, on a hot, summer day. It's better cold, but whatever suits you. Besides, it's your taco.

Here's how to make it.

  • 1/3 sour cream
  • 1/3 mayo (I use Hellmann's)
  • 1/3 salsa (any kind)
Depending on what kind of salsa you use, the taste differs. For instance, if you use a hot, spicy salsa, you'll get a hot, spicy taco salsa. If you use a very mild, basic salsa you'll get a mild taco salsa (it's not a "basic" salsa because not everyone makes it)

  1. Put ingredients in medium-sized bowl. 
  2. Stir until well-blended and light pink (there will be some chunks if your salsa has chunks--that's fine. There should be chunks. If there aren't, that's fine, too)
  3. Put it on your taco/burrito and
Scriptina Regular
I thought this was appropriate with this recipe. Instead of using a cliched "lol" use "ILSHMSFOAIDMT" which is "I Laughed So Hard My Sombrero Fell Off And I Dropped My Taco". Poor me. My taco's a mess on the floor.

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