January 26, 2016

Decor Redo

Just so you guys know, this blog will undergo a bit of a big do-over this coming Friday, so be ready!

I will make the blog private, so you won't be able to stop by anymore, because I like having things a bit more private while I'm redecorating and renovating.

It will look pretty much the same, but I hate the tabs I have right now, so I'm hoping all of the blog's settings and looks will be pretty much the same (and easy to get onto the "new" blog) when I'm done. URL will be exactly the same, we're not going anywhere.

You should be able to get on either Sunday or Monday, I'm not sure yet.

I'll keep you posted, or you'll keep you posted, depending on how frequently anyone stops by, but just so's you know. :)

Also, you may find more changing than just the tabs but don't freak out, it'll look basically the same.

Just one last thing before I go -- I've been debating for a while whether I should change the name or stick with it, so comment below if you have any [good] idea(s) on some [good] names for my sort of blog. I'm sort of going with the looks of blogs that are basic, easy to find your way around, and I also want it to totally look like I'm not even using blogger. If you know what I mean.

Some examples would be
Buttered Side Up
The Bear Cave (not so much like that, but pretty simple like that)
Yellow Bliss Photography (don't tell her I sent you)
and then, since YellowBlissPhotography links back here and I like the style...
the wanderer awaits

...but, not quite that poetic.

Just sayin'. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

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