January 27, 2016

YRT - English Toffee Mocha

Just for a quick review, last time I checked out Mocha Coffee and liked it just as much as I did when I made the recipe.

This time I checked out English Toffee Caramel (link in title).

Well, not quite.

You see, I knew what it tasted like, and I don't have anymore of that Lisa's stuff -- it was just a gift from a friend. A one time thing.

So, I couldn't really make it again and I don't feel like buying something that would take a few days to get here just so that I could stay faithful to the YRT... I will, but only when I can -- like, when it's convenient for me.

See, most things in my life revolve around me.

Just kidding!

Anyway, it's delightful and I really do like it. So try it if you have the Lisa's stuff.

The picture will come soon. Let's hope.

I'm thinking about asking YellowBlissPhotography to take pictures of them so that I can post them on here because I hate the idea that I'm taking someone else's. It's so fake and ... well, really, I feel silly using someone else's pictures for my posts and putting my URL on top of it. It's just so lousy.

So that's what I'm thinking.

See you later, gotta run.

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