January 26, 2016

YRT - Mocha Coffee

Just like last year, the link will be in the title and I'm not going to tell you from now on.

Or I will the next YRT post. Haha. ;)

Anyway, I knew exactly how this coffee tasted because I'd made it so often I don't have to make it again. Besides, I don't have any SwissMiss (we finished it a week or two ago *tear* but that's OK, I have the Caffe D'Vita stuff which is simply de-vine! so I don't mind) so I wouldn't be sticking to the recipe.

Just so you know, you can, in fact, use unsweetened cocoa powder (I know, too much trouble and who would do that well I would). Just be sure and add brown sugar. Not dark brown, too molasses-y, and not white sugar because it's too...white-sugar-y. Use brown sugar because it's a different taste and it's more for cocoa than both dark brown and white sugar. Just a tip. Or, you can leave out the sugar and go rugged! and just drink it with that bitter taste of cocoa powder that isn't sweet or whatever tickles your sister.

So, I decided on Mocha Coffee from a recipe I happened to see while combing the internet for a nice (or close to nice) or artsy (artsy schmartsy) picture that I could use for my post, so that's my title.

And just so you know, I do not like using other people's photos, I really hate it because it's like oh wow look at this lady using other people's photos unashamedly and just slapping her own URL on it but I also hate -- and hate more than taking other people's pictures, apparently -- the "You Might Like" space for pictures being either black or grey. It's really not very pleasing to me.

So, that's the reason. And I have absolutely no clue why I'm telling you this, especially because it has nothing to do with recipes at all.

While you're pondering that, I'm going to go have some coffee.

Eat, drink, and be merry!

P.S. this recipe tastes in between coffee and cocoa. Like, if you put coffee and cocoa in the same cup, that's the taste you would get when you drank it. So, you'll probably like it. If not, let me know and I'll make sympathetic noises. Off-line, of course, but at least you'll know. Enjoy! ;)

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