March 22, 2016

Apple Spice Dump Cake

Hi guys! Long time, no see, right?

Yeaaah, don't get me started.

Anyway, I found this recipe from a long time ago when I went on an overnight hiking trip (which was really fun by the way -- it was very pretty). The food wasn't all that fantastic, but the best of it was the dump cakes we had. My favorite was this one -- apple spice dump cake. It's not terrific, but it'll get you by on a camping trip.

Me, I was starving, so it was great.

But it probably wouldn't be if I had it again. Besides, I was younger then and was willing to eat anything set before me. Now...not so much.

So, the cake.


You'll Need
  • 1 can apple slices
  • 1 bag/box spice cake mix 
  • 1 stick butter, unsalted
  1. dump apple slices into dutch oven
  2. dump in cake mix, dry. Smooth over apple slices
  3. cut butter into slices abt 1/2 inch thick, put them in dutch oven, checker-board style, starting in center and moving out
  4. put lid on dutch oven, put on fire for 30 min
  5. take off, serve, and

Or you can do it at home.

Note: this isn't homemade if you don't make the batter from scratch. Just so you know.

You'll Need
  • as many apple slices as fit in 6 oz. can (1-2 small apples, I'd guess)
  • 1 batch batter (I'd make my batter from scratch because that will boost the yummy but you do what works for you)
  • 1 stick butter, unsalted
  1. do steps 1-3 in the directions for campfire apple spice dump cake
  2. put lid on dutch oven, put on stove for 30 min on 6 or set oven to 350° and bake for 30 min, checking to see if it's done (I say check it because I've never made this at home, so I have to guess)
  3. Take out/off, serve, and
Scriptina Regular
For additional flavors, you might want to try these combinations below. You can switch out the fruit for any other fruit you like. You can also switch out the cake mix, but make sure it doesn't clash with the fruit!

The first ingredient is the fruit, the second is the kind of cake mix. For example, "apple and spice". "Apple" is the fruit, while "spice" is the kind of cake mix.
  1. peach and spice
  2. raspberry and chocolate
  3. blueberry and chocolate
  4. apple and lemon
  5. apple and white
  6. peach and white
  7. lemon and lemon
  8. raspberry and lemon
  9. pineapple and spice
  10. strawberry and spice
  11. raspberry and rhubarb
Mix and match, test the waters, and see what you like!

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