March 10, 2016

Kitchen Tip - How to Evenly Melt Butter (Microwave-style)

We've all had this trouble, haven't we?

Too little patience, too many ideas, a tempting microwave sitting right there...

That's the smooth and paved way to doom and you've probably taken it countless amounts of times, have you not. Just kidding, you probably haven't. Let me guess you've done it 0-5 times.

Well, I've done it two times and counting but I found a way to do it the right way.

I stumbled upon this convenient "life"hack a few days ago when I was making a batch of cookie dough (ee-yum -- we have the best recipe ever...but everyone says that, so I won't). I put in two sticks of butter and they both need to be softened -- it takes, oh, two hours?

On a good day.

Just kidding, I have no idea how long it takes to soften because I always leave it there and forget about it and then come back like five hours lady and it's softened. Whoooops. Oh well.

So, on that particular day that I was making the cookie dough, I decided I didn't have enough patience to get sidetracked and then wait a whole long time to have the butter soften and then start the process of making the cookie dough so I decided to give the microwave a go.

Now remember, I try to stay away from microwaves when I'm messing with softened butter because I always end up with a butter puddle. That's the way I roll when I'm trying to soften something.

I melt it.

But this time I was feeling adventurous and pressed for time (sort of -- not really, but I was telling myself I was pressed for time to give myself a boost of confidence and shake off that foreboding sense of doom) and so I popped the butter in the microwave.
So. To successfully soften butter:
  1. plop butter on a plate (so that it won't leave some butter on the bottom of your microwave plate -- even when you soften it on the counter it leaves a little moisture behind so trust me I'm not saying that it will melt, I'm saying it'll act like it acts when it softens on the counter...if you follow me).
  3. place the plate with the butter in the microwave.
  4. microwave (on high I believe? I've never changed the temp or speed or whatever "on high" is) for 10 seconds
  5. take out, flip butter over. If you left the wrapper on, this should be no sweat. If you didn't...
  6. put back in, microwave for another 10 seconds
  7. take out, enjoy!
And there you go.

Enjoy your successfully-softened butter. This works for all kinds of butter, as long as it's storebought.

(I say that not because I have experience with homemade, but because I only have experience in storebought.)

Anyway, please tell me if yours turned out. I may have just been lucky. Your thoughts?

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