March 11, 2016

Kitchen Tip - How To Make Almost-Best Scrambled Eggs Ever

I know, it sounds a whole lot like a recipe but trust me it's just how to add a little zing to your already-probably-perfect scrambled eggs.

Me, I don't know how to make eggs because I had to teach myself.

Like, have you ever ever ever heard of a recipe for scrambled eggs?


You haven't. You just have not. It's not really anywhere in one of those cookbooks anywhere that you've ever heard of.

Because the thing is, it's kind of something you're like almost born with -- something you have to teach yourself.

And I did that.

But I think I taught myself wrong.


Anyway, to add some zing...
while you're mixing up your scrambled egg batter mixture stuff, add a pinch or two or three or twelve (just do as much as you want -- it's your eggs... I hope. Please try this recipe before you serve it to other people or it won't bide well with you when the recipe turns out to just be one of those once-in-a-lifetime good experience that I sometimes have) of basil and oregano. Mix it up and then keep on following the recipe you have for scrambled eggs.

Haha, just kidding, because remember I said nobody has recipes for scrambled eggs.

So, just add the stuff to your batter mix stuff (what do you call it?) and you're good to go!

Unless you eat it raw.

NOTICE!: it is nobody's fault (other than yours) if you get salmonella for eating it raw.

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